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The world is just worshipping another counterfeit savior. Another idol down the drain, and they mourn accordingly.

Our greatest resource to overcome this week’s difficulties does not lie within.

Hard as it is for me to believe, two years ago this month I stepped from a Penske truck into the blazing inferno that was the Central Valley. It’s hard to believe because so much has changed for us personally.

What a blessing to consider the paramount responsibility that lies upon fathers with their children. As our culture celebrates Father’s Day, I trust that you will celebrate true biblical fatherhood.

Conferences are great, but they are not God’s primary place or plan for spiritual growth in our lives as His children.

Because of our constant need for relationship and equipping, we’re pleased to launch another resource for our church.

Pastor David gives reasons why VBS is an integral part of ministry at Grace Church.

How are Christians to fear God?

Repentance is based on a change of mind leading to a change of action. True repentance involves turning from our sin to God. In reverse repentance, people turn from God to sin.

Today we have an opportunity to join the culture around us in publicly loving our mothers. Tomorrow we have an opportunity to shine as lights in the darkness through persistent Christ-centered love for mom, grandma, and great-grandma.