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Summer Sailin'

For the Kingdom citizen, ministry is not an event. It’s a lifestyle, the natural outworking of Kingdom priorities. Instead of being driven by programs, the Kingdom citizen is driven by principles. That doesn’t mean, however, that principles never have a practical or “program” outflow. I’d like to share with you why we do what we do when it comes to VBS.

“Summer Sailin’” is the theme of this year’s VBS. We’re going to enjoy nautical crafts, do sea-faring games, and eat some…ocean cookies. More seriously, however, we’re doing a VBS because we’re convinced it fits Kingdom principles. From these early foundational days of our church, we want to establish that everything we do needs to flow from our biblical priorities.

There are, I’m sure you know, some very bad reasons to do a VBS. For instance, “Because we did it last year,” “because other churches do it,” “because it’s fun,” and “because David needs something to do in the summer” are all poor motivations. Here are what we think are good reasons. For kids, VBS provides a fun, safe environment to learn about the Gospel and the character of God. For parents, VBS helps Christian parents teach their children about the Gospel and God, simultaneously reaching out to unsaved parents. For workers, VBS provides an opportunity to willingly serve the Lord with gladness, using the church’s gifts and building body life and unity.

So much more than a fun summer tradition, Summer Sailin’ will help us accomplish our goals as defined in God’s Word. The lessons this year will focus on salvation by grace alone. Day after day, we’ll present to kids the hopelessness of trying to earn salvation, the wonder of the cross, and the need for faith. All the other trappings of VBS serve these foundational purposes. I hope you’ll join our VBS endeavors as you pray and possibly serve with us. Let’s live out in practical ways the Kingdom principles we love so dearly.


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