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A Word on Pastoral Staffing and Jeremy McMorris

God gifts pastors to His church to equip the Body for the work of the ministry. Our pastoral team has sensed the need for more full-time equippers for several years now, pursuing additional help formally and informally. Jeremy McMorris has been part of that discussion for close to a year, but most intensively in the...

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Helmet of Salvation

The Roman soldier wore a helmet of thick leather with molded and beaten metal to protect the head from the deadly blows from the enemy’s sword. The helmet was essential in protecting the most vital part of the body, the head. So what are some of the attacks from the enemy that aim for our heads? Discouragement, doubt, pride, self-righteousness, loneliness, disconten...

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Raising Pharisees: Ideas for Fighting Against It (Part 2)

In my last Pastoral Word, I brought up the subject of raising Pharisees and what that can look like. In this follow-up article, I’d like to include an extended quote from Kurt Gebhards that considers how to fight the dangers of hypocrisy: One of the dangers is that these outwardly compliant children receive much approval from parents and teachers. So they are ...

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God Is Sovereign, Grace Is Sufficient

The foreknowledge of God is tightly linked to His sovereignty and the sufficiency of His grace for salvation. The key to understanding foreknowledge is first found in the word know. The term foreknowledge is not found in the Old Testament, but know is found in many places, including Exodus 33:17; Deuteronomy 9:24; Jeremiah 1:5; Hosea 8:4 and Amos 3:2. Know in these referen...

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