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Hail Clouds and the Sovereignty of God

As a farmer, I am always thankful to get through these spring months unscathed by the elements of the weather. From the time that our fruit is in bloom in February to the time that it is harvested in the summer, it is susceptible to many things outside our control. All sorts of weather can destroy a crop: freezing temperatures, hail, wind and late rains. On our crop insura...

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Put Off and Put On

We have all heard our pastors say, “You say what you say and do what you do, because of what you think. And you think what you think because of what you believe about God, His Word and yourself.” This saying is very practical for us to use in correcting sin in our lives. Doctrine leads to thoughts, which lead to action. When dealing with a particular sin in ...

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A Christian Mother's Day

Mother’s Day celebrations aren’t unique to Christians. All across our country, moms will be given cards, treated to meals, praised, thanked, hugged and loved. So what will make Mother’s Day different for us? Only a Christian Mother’s Day will properly honor both moms and God. First, a Christian Mother’s Day is uniquely focused on humil...

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The Past for the Present

For my next several opportunities to provide a pastoral word to you, I would like to pursue a historical perspective on some aspects of life here at Grace Church. This first excerpt is from a sermon delivered by Charles Spurgeon on April 5th, 1874. It expounds upon the words of Acts 2:47, “The Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” This i...

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