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When you were saved, you heard the gospel call, He regenerated you, and you responded in faith and repentance. At some point between regeneration and response you became desperate, you knew you were a sinner and had nothing to offer a perfect God. You had an urgent need to be saved. You became poor in spirit (a result of His work in you) and our gracious God saved you.

God despises worship given to anyone except Himself. He cannot stand it. Yet our children, like us, default to false worship. In an effort to promote true worship, let’s consider the flip-side. What does it take to raise idolaters?

Of Satan’s many descriptions, one of the most chilling is “the accuser of our brothers.” Revelation 12:8 tells of a coming day that he will be thrown down from heaven, forced to stop his day-and-night accusations. John clearly states that Satan does his accusing “before our God.” Assuming this day is still future, the biblical reality seems to be that Satan is currently, actively bringing accusations against Christians to God. Much like with Job, Satan loves to cast doubt and