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Funeral Team

To provide comfort as well as practical administrative help to members suffering the loss of a loved one. Helping coordinate memorial services as well as receptions.

Service Opportunities

The funeral team exists to serve church members who have lost a loved one. We will have several monthly meetings in order to plan and get organized. Then, we are looking for volunteers to be on a call list. When someone needs help with a funeral, all team members will be called to see who can help. Because of the last minute nature of this ministry, team members will be able to choose if they can help with a particular funeral or not. We need people who can provide emotional comfort for the grieving while also supporting them in practical, administrative ways. Coordinating with funeral homes, being a liaison to the pastors, helping plan the order of service, etc. 


Please contact Pastor Blake Boys for more information on joining the team!


Meals Team

This team exists to bless and serve each other with food through the new, changing, or difficult seasons of life. 

Service Opportunities

If you are interested in helping bring meals to families of Grace Church who are in need (new baby, illness, family trials, etc), contact Tarin Brown to be notified by email when there is a need for meals. Information and a link to our meal organizing website will be provided. There is no obligation to provide a meal when they are requested, we just ask that you provide one when you are able to! There are no meetings to attend or requirements if you are a volunteer in this ministry.

GCV Members in Need

To request meals for yourself or another family, please click here to fill out this form.


Tarin Brown

Caring for Widows

If you are interested in caring for the widows in our church or you know of widows in our community who are in need of care, please contact our church office: (559) 897-8788.


Cindy Carender