Purpose and Vision

The purpose of children’s ministry is to come alongside parents in helping them fulfill their biblical parenting responsibilities. For God to be worshipped and glorified, children’s ministry will attempt to evangelize children as well as teach them the character of God in age-appropriate ways. In a safe and clean environment, children’s ministry will provide an attractive, captivating, and challenging place for children to desire to learn about God. Grace Church will serve parents through physical and spiritual care of their children and serve children through loving biblical instruction.

Curriculum: The Gospel Project

Date Lesson Title Lesson Downloads
November 4  God Saved His People Through Esther  Babies | Pre-K | 1st-2nd | 3rd-4th | 5th-6th 
November 11  Nehemiah Heard News of Jerusalem   Babies | Pre-K | 1st-2nd | 3rd-4th | 5th-6th
November 18 Jerusalem's Walls Were Built  Babies | Pre-K | 1st-2nd | 3rd-4th | 5th-6th 
November 25 Ezra Read the Law  Babies | Pre-K | 1st-2nd | 3rd-4th | 5th-6th 
December 2 Malachi the Prophet  Babies | Pre-K | 1st-2nd | 3rd-4th | 5th-6th 


Whether you’re a children’s ministry worker or an interested parent, please follow this link to read our Children’s Ministry Handbook. If you’d like to volunteer in children’s ministry during the worship service, please complete the Children’s Ministry Application and submit it to the church office or to David Morris at


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