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“I hope it rains today.” “I hope I do well on this test.” “We’re hoping the results come back negative.” From the trivial to the most profound longings, hope colors every facet of all of our lives. Whether you think about it or not, hope is an attitude that anchors much of your life. When you lose hope you lose your grip on life. Beyond just wishful thinking, hope informs the foundation of our dreams and expectations. That hope is challenged by our circumstances, however, and most particularly by our suffering.

Do you get disappointed? A lot? Does it seem like no one, from your spouse to the electrician, can keep a promise to you? That no matter how much you lower your expectations, life can still do the limbo even lower? You’re in good company if your hopes are constantly being dashed. Along with the rest of humanity, you are experiencing the inevitable result of living in a fallen world. Besides a world that is entirely incapable of giving us what we long for most, we also tend to stake our hope in shifting sand. For that too, there is good news.