Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes meet on Sundays at 8:30 am

Our equipping classes are an essential element in helping us fulfill our mission statement. They provide training for our church family to be more competent, committed, and contagious disciples of Jesus Christ as we know God, apply his truth, and help others.

Equipping Class Break • December 18–January 1

Sunday, December 11, will be the last week of Equipping Classes before taking a break for the holiday season.


4th Quarter

Oct 16–Dec 11


Teacher: Scott Bucher
Location: Generations Building, Chapel
Focus: This class will work through Jeremiah 16–24 with an emphasis on proper interpretation and application. The goal is to deepen your understanding while also motivating you to love, worship, and imitate Christ more.


Living a Spiritually Fruitful Life: Growing in 
the Likeness of Christ

Teachers: Aaron Logan, Blake Boys, Andy Woodfield
Location: Generations Building, Room 203
Focus: This study will help you assess your own spiritual growth in the Lord and highlight those areas where there is less fruit so that we can focus on them for even greater spiritual fruitfulness.


The Story of the Old Testament, Genesis–Judges

Teachers: Brendan Tomassian & Jason Egli
Location: Worship Center, Backstage Boardroom
Focus: By the end of these eight weeks, you will understand the overarching narrative of the first part of the Old Testament. You will see how the Old Testament fits together, connects with the fulfilled promises of the New Testament, and can be applied to your own spiritual growth. This class will be beneficial both for increasing your general understanding of Scripture and for ministering to your heart as you seek to better understand who God is and what he does.


Fundamentals of the Faith

Teachers: Don Klassan
Location: Worship Center Lobby
Start Date: October 2
Focus: This Equipping Class will cover key doctrinal beliefs that shape the unity, commitment, and practice of Grace Church of the Valley. We strongly encourage every member to take this class at some point. Please sign up by emailing sarah@graceofthevalley.org.


Spanish-Speakers Equipping Class

Teachers: Tom Rios
Location: Worship Center
Focus: This class is geared toward spanish-speakers


High-School Students Equipping Class

Teachers: James Prendergast
Location: Generations Building, Room 201A
Focus: This class, will be asking and answering big questions pertaining to Christian living, theology, and the Bible. Each week we will dig into Scripture, consult various resources, and discuss our findings with one another.


Junior-High Students Equipping Class

Teachers: James Prendergast
Location: Generations Building, Room 201B
Focus: This class is geared specifically toward junior-high students and this quarter will set out to answer the question: “who is God?” We will be opening up our Bibles to pursue a better understanding of God’s timeless attributes to produce more informed worshippers.


Classes are available for all ages during the Equipping Hour. You can find more information on the classes for children and youth on each of those ministry pages: Children's Sunday SchoolJunior-High, or High-School Classes.




Things to Come Class Outlines (4th Quarter 2021)
Introduction & Why Study Eschatology
Abrahamic Covenant & the Land
Davidic Covenant & the Throne
New Covenant & the Holy Spirit
Prophets, Matthew, and the Kingdom
Olivet Discourse and the Tribulation
Thessalonians and Hope



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