Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes meet on Sundays at 8:30 am. There will be no classes on Easter Sunday, April 17. 

Our equipping classes are an essential element in helping us fulfill our mission statement. They provide training for our church family to be more competent, committed, and contagious disciples of Jesus Christ as we know God, apply his truth, and help others.


2nd Quarter

Apr 24–Jun 26


Teacher: Scott Bucher
Location: Generations Building, Chapel
Focus: This class will work through Jeremiah with an emphasis on proper interpretation and application. The goal is to deepen your understanding while also motivating you to love, worship, and imitate Christ more. 

Systematic Theology

Teachers: Aaron Logan, 
Casey Banks, Russ Zakarian
Location: Generations Building, Room 203
Focus: This class will guide you to a deeper understanding of God and his character through the careful study of the foundational doctrines of the faith. Some of the topics include the attributes of God, reliability of scripture, nature of man, and atoning work of Christ.

New Testament Survey, Part 1

Teachers: Brendan Tomassian & Blake Boys
Location: Worship Center Lobby
Focus: By the end of this class you will understand the overarching narrative of the first half of the New Testament. You will know the purposes and highlights of each of the books and understand how they all fit together.


Teachers: Jason Egli
Location: Worship Center, Boardroom
Dates: Apr 24–Jun 5
Focus: This seven-week class will help individuals at all levels of spiritual growth learn and grow in prayer. We will look at the practice of prayer in both the Old and New Testaments and church history to equip you to understand and apply biblical principles to the practice of prayer.
Survey: We would love for you to take this survey on your personal practice of prayer.


Classes are available for all ages during the Equipping Hour. You can find more information on the classes for children and youth on each of those ministry pages: Children's Sunday School, Junior-High, or High-School Classes.



Things to Come Class Outlines (4th Quarter 2021)
Introduction & Why Study Eschatology
Abrahamic Covenant & the Land
Davidic Covenant & the Throne
New Covenant & the Holy Spirit
Prophets, Matthew, and the Kingdom
Olivet Discourse and the Tribulation
Thessalonians and Hope



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