Our equipping classes are an essential element in helping us fulfill our mission statement. They provide training for our church family to be more competent, committed, and contagious disciples of Jesus Christ as we know God, apply his truth, and help others.

Third Quarter • Aug 20–Oct 8


Teacher: Scott Bucher

Location: Generations Building, Chapel
This class will work through the book of Jeremiah, beginning in chapter 25, with an emphasis on proper interpretation and application. The goal is to deepen your understanding of the Bible while also motivating you to love, worship, and imitate Christ more.

Loving the Lost

Teacher: Andy Woodfield

Location: Worship Center
Loving the lost is the motivation for God-honoring evangelism that we see modeled in our precious Savior who loved us enough to seek and save lost sinners. As we remember that all people dwell in darkness, and are blind and lost without a Savior we get to proclaim the Lord Jesus as the way of salvation from death to life, from condemnation to reconciliation. This class will equip you to clearly know and proclaim the gospel message.

Who Is God?

Teacher: Brendan Tomassian & Brent Sawatzky
Location: Generations Building, Room 203
Have you ever heard someone ask, “How could a loving God do that?” Perhaps you’ve heard them say, “God is love, and he loves me no matter what I do.” Today’s world has completely misunderstood God. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the Old Testament, and the God who became flesh and dwelt among us, Jesus Christ. The same God created the world, presided over trial and tribulation in Old Testament Israel, and proclaimed salvation to Jew and Gentile alike. What comes into your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you. In this class, we will explore what Scripture says about the God we worship. Who is God? Join us to find out.


Teacher: Daniel Lopez & Tom Rios
Location: Backstage Boardroom
This class will be working through Fundamentals of the Faith taught for those who speak Spanish.

Membership Class

Teacher: Ken Harvey
Location: Worship Center Lobby
If you have been attending Grace Church but have not become a member, we invite you to join us for our Membership Class beginning Sunday, August 20, at 8:30 am in the Worship Center Lobby during our Equipping Hour. Join us for this four-week class as we walk through what Grace Church is all about, why we value membership, and how you can join our church. Coming to this class doesn’t commit you to becoming a member, but we’d love for you to move beyond attendance and toward fully committed participation in our church life. Sign up by emailing sarah@graceofthevalley.org.

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Equipping Class Calendar

Jul 2–Aug 13 • Summer Break
Aug 20–Oct 8 • Third Quarter Classes
Oct 15 • Missions Morning
Oct 23–Dec 10 • Fourth Quarter Classes


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