Infant nurseries are available for your 0-9 month old or crawler/walker! To drop off your infant in the nursery, please check-in at the computer stations located in either the nursery room itself or in the Generations Building Lobby. All nursery workers will complete a health screening checklist every week, we're using upgraded sanitization protocols in each room,  and if you have any questions about the health or safety of our nurseries please don't hesitate to ask.

Nursery Philosophy

Our nurseries exist to provide a safe, clean environment for parents to entrust their small children if they so choose. Staffed by volunteers and ordered by leadership and policies, our nurseries aim to be a welcoming and caring place for your precious little ones. Nurseries remove another potential distraction from both parents and other worshippers, give mothers with young children a chance to genuinely engage in worship, and care for little ones by lovingly meeting their needs.


Whether you’re a children’s ministry worker or an interested parent, please follow this link to read our Children’s Ministry Handbook. If you’d like to volunteer in children’s ministry during the worship service, please complete the Children’s Ministry Application and bring it to the church office or email it to


If you have any questions or comments about the nursery, please email Aaron Logan at



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