Sunday School


Children’s Sunday School exists to help parents teach their children about the character of God and the Gospel. Our goal is to evangelize children and encourage parents, all while equipping servant leaders to do the work of the ministry. We use an integrated curriculum, so each class is studying the same Bible passage. 


Infant Nursery (0-9 months)

Infant Nursery (Crawlers & Walkers)

Toddlers (2, 3 years old)
Lynette Grauman
Room 103

Pre-K and Kindergarten
Alan and Melani Cade
 Room 105

1st–3rd Grades
   Teacher: Tommy Barrington
   Location: Room 104

4th–6th Grades
   Teacher: Nathan Torres
   Location: Room 106

Curriculum: Generations of Grace

Date Reference Lesson Downloads
March 24 Exodus 12-13 God Ordains the Passover
March 31 Exodus 14-15 God Parts the Red Sea
April 7 Leviticus 1-7 God Ordains the Sacrificial System
April 14 Leviticus 9:22-10:7 God Establishes the Priesthood
April 21 Leviticus 11-16 God Ordains the Day of Atonement 
April 28 Leviticus 19 God Requires Holy Living
March 5 Numbers 11-12 Israel Rejects God's Provision


Whether you’re a children’s ministry worker or an interested parent, please follow this link to read our Children’s Ministry Handbook. If you’d like to volunteer during Sunday School, please complete the Children’s Ministry Application and submit it to the church office or David Morris at


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