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Dane Ortland is one of those men well-skilled at applying the Gospel to all of life, of doing what Mike Bullmore calls “living in the good of the Gospel.” Ortland’s writing consistently and effectively draws my heart to the Gospel for life, so I wanted to share some wise, Gospel words from him regarding resentment. You can check out his blog at for ongoing Gospel-soaked writing. This is half of a post he wrote September 27 of this year, called “The Psychology of Resentment.” Are you resentful?

This is part 2 of last week’s pastoral word on resentment. Dane Ortland turns us from understanding how resentment works to how we defeat it. This same Gospel approach can be applied to all of our sinful temptations, so let’s revel and grow in our ability to live in the good of the Gospel. “How then do we conquer bitterness? By soaking in two realities.