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He knows everything: all events, all life past, present and future. He knows all details in the life of every being. The theological term we use for this is omniscience. God is omniscient. For believers, God’s omniscience should not result in uneasiness but rather in at least two other responses: comfort and adoration. We can be comforted in time of distress or trial, in time of doubt, in time of failure. In each of these instances, He knows.

Ever heard of the law of unintended consequences? The idea is that when we humans confidently set out to do something good we often get consequences we never wanted. For instance, in South Carolina where I used to live, kudzu has taken root everywhere. Kudzu is a nasty climbing vine, introduced from its native Japan to deal with soil erosion. It spreads so quickly and

There are certain activities within the life of the church that God uses to bring blessing to us. These activities are called “means of grace.” Briefly defined, the means of grace are public and private activities (such as hearing the Word of God and praying) that are gifts or graces (and not law) from God. Before we consider the activities, let us consider the blessing.

From Pastor Adam: Below is an extended portion of a pastoral letter sent from my historical hero, Robert M’Cheyne, to his church family in Scotland on February 13, 1839. In this letter he gave encouragement from Job 23:10 to those within his flock who were suffering. And so, in my absence, I encourage you with his words from the Word.