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As Pastor Scott began the book of Jonah last week, one of the issues he covered was the debate about Jonah being a literal, historical book. That topic made me think of how essential our fundamental, basic convictions about the Bible are. One of God’s blessings through kids is the reminder of how much we assume. For instance, before our kids were born I was under the mistaken impression that babies are born with some basic understandings. Turns out that not only are children born without basic communication abilities, hand-eye coordination, or motor skills, there’s even a learning curve on how to eat. To eat! Pretty hard to get more basic than that.

We are on the brink of some really exciting developments when it comes to more permanent facilities for our church family. Depending on the finances the Lord provides by January, we have the potential of beginning some construction in April or so. As we’ve considered the importance of the next few months, we’ve also returned to why we think this facility is a critical need and a wise move forward for the Kingdom. Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share some of the thought process, principles, and vision that is driving us forward into the next stage of our building project.