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With Thanks

Last week brought an end to some of our children's ministries' busiest weeks of the year. Among Vacation Bible School, Camp 7 Oaks for 4th-6th graders, and then Camp 7 Oaks for Junior High, you as a church poured out an incalculable amount of time, energy, prayer, and effort. Thank you seems pretty inadequate considering how much effort these last weeks have taken, but tha...

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Time (no, not the magazine, the clock kind)

Time. It can crawl by and drag on, it can run and it can race. Time flies and we run out of it, but we all have the same amount to work with. Time can disappear like a lady in a magic act and be wasted like a gambler's dollar. We never get to relive the past and we never arrive at the future. So how should we think about the present? Especially as we race into our summer s...

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