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Membership & Baptism


Membership Process | Next Class Begins July 5

  1. Sign up for the Membership class by emailing info@graceofthevalley.org

  2. Complete the Membership Class

  3. Confirm you have been baptized as a believer. See below for the document on what we believe about baptism.

  4. Fill out and submit a Membership Application

  5. Complete a 30-minute personal meeting with a member of the pastoral team reviewing your Gospel testimony.


Baptism Process | Next Class Begins Aug 2

  1. Sign up for the Baptism Class by emailing info@graceofthevalley.org

  2. Attend the Baptism Class

  3. Fill out the Baptism Application

  4. Prepare a written testimony

  5. Meet with a pastor for an interview

  6. Share your testimony and be baptized




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