Membership & Baptism

Membership Process | Next Class Begins Jan 15

  1. Sign up for the Membership class by emailing

  2. Complete the Membership class

  3. Confirm you have been baptized as a believer. See below for the document on what we believe about baptism.

  4. Fill out and submit a Membership Application

  5. Complete a 30-minute personal meeting with a member of the pastoral team reviewing your Gospel testimony.

Membership Class

Teachers: Ken Harvey
Location: Worship Center Lobby
Dates: Jan 15–Feb 5
Focus: This four-week class introduces attenders to Grace Church of the Valley’s mission, background, beliefs, and structural organization en route to official membership. Although anyone is welcome to attend the class, those who wish to become members need to attend the class, turn in an application, and complete an elder-interview before formal acceptance.


Baptism Process | Next Class Begins Feb 12

  1. Sign up for the Baptism Class by emailing

  2. Attend the Baptism Class

  3. Fill out the Baptism Application

  4. Prepare a written testimony

  5. Meet with a pastor for an interview

  6. Share your testimony and be baptized in the worship service

Baptism Class

Teachers: Ken Harvey
Location: Worship Center Lobby
Dates: Feb 12–26
Focus: This three-week class presents the biblical basis for believers’ baptism and encourages believers who haven’t been baptized to do so.




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