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Regardless of what age you choose to have your kids hear adult preaching, I'm sure every faithful parent wants their kids to get the most out of preaching. Joe Holland, pastor and church planter, gives 8 tips for talking to your kids about the sermon afterwards. Here are the first three:

In part 2 of last week's word, Joe Holland moves on to both practical and Gospel-centered advice. "Engage your kids with open ended questions. You know the outline and you can keep to the main point. You know youʼre going to talk a ton about Jesus. Now engage your kids with any kind of question you can think of... except ones that can be answered, "yes" or "no".

From despair to hope, defeat to victory, death to life, Easter is celebration. The resurrection is so central to Christianity that without it there isn't any Gospel to believe. With it, Christians are of all people most joyful and hopeful. But the resurrection isn't just central to the Gospel, it's also a key component of the glory of God. God, and God alone, gives life. He is where all life comes from. So without a God who can cause resurrection, there is no God of the Bible.

They are coming! In just two and a half short months, VBS and Camp 7 Oaks will be back in full swing. VBS and Camp give us unique and dynamic opportunities to make young disciples. From presenting the Gospel to teaching Christlikeness, these two special summer opportunities seize our summertime flexibility to fulfill the Great Commission. Our VBS and Camp 7 Oaks are venues to come alongside parents as they point their kids to Jesus. While we are making disciples of kids and partnering with Grace Church parents, we are simultaneously reaching out to parents and homes in our community. That's a lot to accomplish, even without considering any of the functional details that lie ahead!