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Learn about the history of Grace Church of the Valley.

In 2005, several Christian families from various local churches began meeting for Bible study in Kingsburg. Their motivation was to concentrate on careful Bible exposition and doctrinal clarity. While they continued to serve and worship in their respective churches, they sought the Lord’s direction for the new, but already growing, Bible study.

One of the leaders in the study is the son of an elder at Grace Community Church (GCC) in Sun Valley, CA, which led to a meeting between John MacArthur, some of the pastoral team at GCC, and the Bible study leaders from Kingsburg. The fruit of that meeting was a gracious commitment to provide a teacher every Sunday evening for Bible study from the pastoral team at GCC, until it became more clear whether the Lord would establish a new local church.

In God’s providence, Adam Bailie was tasked with the scheduling for the GCC pastoral team coming to teach and preach on Sunday evenings, and consequently preached here himself several times over the next couple of years. As time passed, momentum only grew in the Grace Bible Study meeting at Kingsburg High School on Sunday evenings. The Lord was gathering people from various communities in the valley who were hungry for the Word and sound doctrine.

In April 2007, an offer was extended to Adam Bailie (in Texas as a family pastor) and David Morris (serving in children's ministry at GCC) to be the founding pastors of Grace Church of the Valley. The church launched worship services September 9, 2007 with a committed core group of people and many friends. Soon after the launch, Grace Church pastors welcomed 30+ people into membership.

In January 2012, Scott Ardavanis accepted the call to become the new lead pastor at Grace Church. Shortly thereafter, Tom Rios was also added to the pastoral team in order to launch the Hispanic ministry, a ministry which was desired from the very earliest days of the church. In January 2014, Blake Boys joined the pastoral team as the pastor of worship and media.

By God's grace, the family at Grace Church has only grown to this day.