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Desperate for God

When you were saved, you heard the gospel call, He regenerated you, and you responded in faith and repentance. At some point between regeneration and response you became desperate, you knew you were a sinner and had nothing to offer a perfect God. You had an urgent need to be saved. You became poor in spirit (a result of His work in you) and our gracious God saved you.

Is desperation (an urgent need) for God a reality in your life today? Do you live in a way that illustrates the reality of your need for God?

Even as believers it begins with the gospel. Romans 1:16 is clear that the gospel is the power for salvation to everyone who believes. God has changed us through the gospel. Are you reminding yourself of that reality each day?

Opening prayers and other comments in several of Paul’s letters give us more indication that he depended upon God to work in the Church and in himself. Grace and peace, comfort from God (2 Cor. 1); prayers of thanks, requesting wisdom and revelation in knowledge of Him (Eph. 1); prayers for God to work in the church, asking for love abounding with knowledge and discernment, filled with fruit of righteousness (Phil. 1); knowing that in plenty or want, strength and ability is from God (Phil. 4); asking for knowledge of His will, spiritual wisdom and understanding in order to walk worthy (Col. 1); strength coming from His might (Eph. 6:10); Paul’s strength from God (1 Tim. 1:12); Peter joins in by saying that even service is by the strength of God (1 Pet. 4:11).

All we have, all we are is from Him and for Him. He foreknew us, He predestined us, He called us, He justified us, He glorified us (Rom. 8).

We have an urgent need to know Him what He has to say.

We have an urgent need to communicate with Him.

We have an urgent need to be changed by Him.

All for His glory.

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