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A Christian Mother's Day

Mother’s Day celebrations aren’t unique to Christians. All across our country, moms will be given cards, treated to meals, praised, thanked, hugged and loved. So what will make Mother’s Day different for us? Only a Christian Mother’s Day will properly honor both moms and God.

First, a Christian Mother’s Day is uniquely focused on humility. Far from using this day only to exalt a mom’s worthiness, Christians give the Gospel proper credit for making a godly mom praiseworthy. A Christian Mother’s Day seizes the opportunity to praise God for what He’s made our moms to be. Even in the case of an unbelieving mom, God’s common grace ought to be praised. At the same time, Christians should be most ready to see and appreciate the humble, sacrificial service it takes to be a good mom. Christians love humility, and they give credit to God when they see it.

Second, a Christian Mother’s Day is the only way moms will receive genuine love. Unbelievers might have some capacity to show affection and love to a degree, but only the believer loves in imitation of God. Only a believer loves like 1 Corinthians 13, not just on Mother’s Day but all year long. Christians ought to lead the way in showing love to moms on this day, because they know what divine love looks like.

Third, a Christian Mother’s Day is the best way to prize moms as God intended. In a day when marriage, family and the home take a constant beating from our culture, a biblical worldview holds moms up for the rightful honor, worth and dignity of their roles. Moms are crucial in God’s plan for the family and today is a great day to remember that.

Moms, you are loved and appreciated. I thought you might enjoy seeing what your kids said when I asked them why they love you. In no particular order–but in direct quotes–here are some thoughts from our kids. I love my mom because she: “wears dresses;” “makes good food;” “hugs me;” “washes clothes;” “plays catch with me;” “cuddles with me;” “loves to clean, which makes our house clean when we need it;” “is fun and lets us do lots of fun stuff;” “puts up with it when I have a bad attitude;” “helps me when I get hurt;” “cooks stuff;” “lets me know she loves me every day;” “is the crafty-iest woman I know, and she helps me in a very craft way;” “feeds me;” “works hard for us;” “plays games with us;” and last but not least, “makes pies.”

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