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Stepanians to Uganda.001

It is with great joy that we have accepted a call to serve Christ in Uganda with Shannon Hurley and SOS Ministries! In November 2018 we became aware of the need and many of you have joined us in praying for God’s clear direction. SOS is in need of leadership in several areas: at Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe (located on the SOS campus), overseeing numerous building projects, and leadership in the Shepherd’s Training Center (STC). With the inaugural STC class of students having started Feb 1 and continued growth of ministry opportunities there is a pressing need for reinforcements. We praise God for several aspects of this situation: 


  • God’s providential preparatory work in our family through past experience and current employment. SOS needs a Bible/theology teacher and construction project manager.

  • The shared heart and intimate relationship GCV has had with SOS Ministries for several years, in addition to GCV’s devotion to missions.

  • The faithfulness of godly men gathering for prayer during the decision making process we were engaged in for the last 60 days (Nov-Jan).

  • The generosity members of our church have already expressed in many different ways to support our initial trip (Dec 26-Jan 1) and upcoming reconnaissance trip (Mar 1-14). Thank you!

We praise our faithful Father with joy for his evident providential grace in these and many other ways. We feel like an arrow ready to be loosed from the bow of God’s people into the heart of enemy territory in order to join those laboring in the thick of deadly conflict. Unless the arrow is fit to the bowstring and drawn, the arrow lies useless.  Would you join us by drawing the GCV bow to release us quickly and forcefully into the work?  


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To give financially, go to:

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