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Missionary Update | Erion Dielli

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Dielli Family
Pogradec, Albania

Our summer is almost over here in Albania. The public schools start back on Monday. Our summer project comes to an end tomorrow. We had around 40 youth volunteering at the church all summer long. Helping out at camps, festivals, VBS programs, and any other things that needed to be done. We were blessed to have several groups from America come help run English camps. It was a very fruitful summer, and we are getting geared up for fall and winter. We will be focusing on reaching the new youth that came to church through the summer camps. We want to strengthen our relationships with them and continue to evangelize and disciple them. 

Our church is coming up on its second anniversary of starting the Sunday service in October. It is amazing to look back through the years and see how God has worked in our city. A highlight of this year was baptizing twelve new believers, one of which was the first adult man to be baptized in our church. It is beautiful to see these new believers grow in their faith and to witness their public profession of faith in Jesus Christ. 

Our next big goal for our church is to buy a permanent building to worship in. It is our desire to have a place to worship together for many, many generations to come. 

Please pray for us in the next few months as we focus on what God has for us. 


the Dielli family 


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