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Ministry Focus: Upcoming Sundays

Ministry Focus: Upcoming Sundays
by Pastor David

As a pastoral team, we’re excited to have Jim Berg as a guest speaker next Sunday, June 3. Jim is a gifted speaker, writer, and counsellor. He also happens to be Angie McMorris’s dad. He’s written two excellent books on sanctification, Changed Into His Image and Created for His Glory. I’ve personally been blessed by Changed into His Image, having read it multiple times, and his short little book When Trouble Comes is also an excellent read on suffering. We’ll have some of Jim’s books available at the Hub, so you might want to consider picking one or two up there on Sunday.

We’ve asked Jim to speak three times. First, during the ABF hour Jim is going to teach on the topic “God is more than enough.” Cathy and I still remember the first time we heard him preach on this theme, and the remarkable impact it had on us. Jim’s going to preach during the morning service too, and then we’re going to have a special evening service at 6:30 as well. In those times, Jim is going to preach on “Knowing God.” We’ll have a nursery in the evening, and after that service we’ll a time for fellowship with coffee and dessert. We’re confident this is going to be a rich Sunday for us, so I hope you’ll make special plans to come to as many of these teaching times as you can. Even if you’re not a regular in Sunday school, you will be blessed and challenged. And for many of you, coming in the evening will bring back a flood of memories from our earlier days as a Bible study and church.

Then just one week later, June 10, we’re going to have our first of two summer BBQ’s! I’m already looking forward to Matt and Scott’s tri-tip, to the fun the kids are going to have in the KidsZone, and most importantly for our chance to hang out as a church family. It’ll be at Matt and Tawny Jackson’s. We’re going to have some testimony times after the meal, so that’s a chance for you both to be encouraged by hearing about God’s grace at work in our church as well as blessing others by sharing yourself.

Both of these Sundays are great chances for ministry to happen. We’ve put time, energy, and money into them because we’re confident they will help us pursue our Ephesians 4 goals of equipping the Body for the work of the ministry, so that we can grow into a mature body that is fit for our Head, Jesus. The first Sunday is more particularly focused on the ministry of preaching, while the second gives us the chance to minister through encouragement, hospitality, personal exhortation, and increased love for and unity with one another. So we hope that you’ll be able to use both of these special Sundays to grow in grace, and we look forward to seeing how God will use them in our lives together!


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