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Great Commission Spotlight: Staniscis

Great Commission Spotlight: Staniscis

by Pastor David

Throughout the book of Philippians, Paul celebrates the unique Gospel partnership he shared with the Philippian church. Paul opens the books by explaining that even his prayers were marked with thankfulness and joy because of their partnership in the Gospel. And in the closing of his book, Paul again praises the Philippians for being the only church who partnered with him, joined his suffering, and met his needs. In the Great Commission, both “senders” and “goers” matter. It’s our privilege to partner with the Staniscis to spread the Gospel in Italy. Lucio’s birthday is on Thursday, and the Staniscis are our Seeds missionaries for the month. All these seemed like good reasons to remind you about the Staniscis’ ministry and a few key prayer requests.

Right now, Lucio is preaching through Genesis. Centro Evangelico Battista recently celebrated several baptisms, and are also seeing spiritual growth through discipleship groups and prayer meetings. On the challenging side, the church just disciplined out two young ladies who continue to live in unrepentant sin, and two others have just been announced to the church.

Ministry opportunities abound for Lucio, who recently became part of a board focusing on theological training and conferences. He’s also speaking at an exciting new conference designed to reach students. And here at the end of June, the Staniscis are enjoying the Grace Missions International conference in Greece. Organized by Grace Community, this conference pulls Grace Missionaries from all over the world for a time of reflection, training, encouragement, and accountability.

Here’s how Lucio’s latest newsletter ends. You can find the Staniscis on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lstanisci, receiving personal updates as well as their email newsletters.

“As a family we are doing well. Settling our home repair debts has been a major weight lifted. Rebecca, Davide, and Mattia continue to do well at school and also at 'the school' of the Lord; Cristina and I are grateful for their spiritual growth and their sensitivity to the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

There have been a few changes in our support level, due primarily to the economy as well as recent passings of some dear elderly supporters. We would like you to know that we are in need of monthly support. At this time our budget is short about $ 1,000 each month.

So there are numerous requests for prayer throughout this letter, some for souls, some for situations, and some for events coming up. Please be in prayer for them all. Remember us regularly; the lives we encounter - and Italy as a whole - need the Gospel, and each of these situations can be moved by the power of God through your prayers. As you join us, we can only say "Thank you!", both to all of you who stand with us in prayer and to the Lord who called us to represent Him and His Word in Italy.

May the Lord bless each of you!

Lucio & Cristina Stanisci


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