230130 Missions Update - Team Mexico

In and around El Fuerte, it is not uncommon for churches in Mexico to be closed, have unqualified leadership, or have no leadership at all. Hector Ortega and the team of leaders he has built around him is very busy with training church leaders, teaching and preaching in different locations where pastors are needed and where churches have been abandoned. Hector is closely involved in training these men, each of whom preach in three locations on Sundays at least once a month. Two weeks ago was Hector’s fourth “PORTAVOCES, Conferencia Para Pastores y Lideres” hosting over 200 pastors and leaders from all over Mexico. It was great seeing the love of the people from the church in El Fuerte toward our team from Grace Church of the Valley (GCV) and all the pastors attending the conference. They were also very expressive of their gratitude for GCV and Planted for sending Hector and his family.

Prayer Requests
Pray that the Lord would continue to reach men’s hearts to preach sound doctrine and raise up more faithful men in Mexico and South America.

Pray that Hector would continue to train men for ministry as the need is great.

Pray for Indira, Hector’s wife, specifically her health and ministry of discipling women.

Thank you for sending our team to help at the conference. Our presence was greatly appreciated!