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Grace for Generations

At this time each year we gather together to praise God for his faithfulness and prayerfully consider practical ways for us to invest in years to come. The warehouse renovation before us is an exciting expansion of who we are as Grace Church of the Valley. As we continue to exalt Christ, being committed to Scripture and the discipleship of God’s people, the plans for the warehouse have been refined to increase our capacity for fellowship, discipleship, and outreach.

Project Status
We are currently in Phase One of the Warehouse Renovation. The Tenant Improvements will likely be broken into further phases but that also depends on how much money we can raise. Here is our current progress:

  • Structural plans have been approved by the City of Kingsburg and permits have been paid for allowing work to begin.
  • A bid for a sub-contractor has been accepted by the Building Team, Elders, and Mark Wilson Co. Structural Upgrades should begin in January of 2023.
  • Kingsburg is currently working with GCV to complete our Site Plan Review in the meantime. Once the Site Plan Review and Structural Upgrades are completed, Tenant Improvements can begin.

Financial Needs
The renovation in total is projected to cost $9 million. We currently have $1 million in our building fund which covers all Phase One costs. We also have a revolving credit of $3 million not being utilized right now.

Basketball courts and open space for things like pickle ball and indoor soccer will be amazing tools for community outreach and weekly ministries.

Three classrooms, Jr. High and High School rooms, and offices will allow more space for equipping as well as free up room in the Generations Building for a growing Children’s Ministry.

A coffee house, kitchen/food prep area, and fellowship space inside the warehouse will offer new ways for people to fellowship within the church grounds.

 221113 Warehouse Plans - Elevation

221113 Warehouse Plans - Floor Plan