In a day when commitment is a rare commodity, it should come as no surprise that church membership is such a low priority to so many believers. Sadly, it is not uncommon for Christians to move from church to church, never submitting themselves to the care of elders and never committing themselves to a group of fellow believers.

To neglect—or to refuse—to join a church as a formal member, however, reflects a misunderstanding of the believer’s responsibility to the body of Christ. And it also cuts one off from the many blessings and opportunities that flow from this commitment. It is essential for every Christian to understand what church membership is and why it matters. Continued...(pdf)

The Membership Process

1. Sign up for a Membership class by sending an email to with your name and a message indicating that you are interested in taking the class.
2. Upon completion of the Membership class, submit an Application for Membership.
3. Once your application has been received, a pastor will contact you to schedule a membership confirmation meeting. If you have not been baptized, talk to the pastor about being a part of the next baptism class.



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