Marriage Builders

Marriage Builders is designed to strengthen marriages for the glory of God, through a biblical understanding of God’s design for marriage. This course will focus on the husband and wife’s responsibilities and roles in the marriage while unpacking the importance of godly communication. It will also address what hinders oneness in marriage giving help to overcome anger, impatience, anxiety, fear, lust, and grief.

Marriage Builders sessions will include discussion, teaching, and break-out sessions for men and women, along with reading of, "The Exemplary Husband" by Stuart Scott and "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace. 

Where: Generations Building, Chapel and Room 203
Leaders: Pastor Andy and Barby Woodfield 



January 15 - Foundational Truths for Husbands and Wives
Men's Homework: chapters 1–3
Women's Homework: chapters 1–3 

January 22 - Understanding Relationship, Marriage, and Roles
Men's Homework: chapters 4–6
Women's Homework: chapters 4–6

January 29 - Christ and Marriage
Men's Homework: chapter 7
Women's Homework: chapters 7, 8

February 5 - A Husband's and Wife's Love
Men's Homework: chapter 8
Women's Homework: chapters 9, 10


April 2 - Leadership and Submission
Men's Homework: chapters 9–10
Women's Homework: chapters 12, 13

April 16 - Physical Intimacy
Men's Homework: chapter 11
Women's Homework: chapter 11

April 23 - Stewardship and Provision
Men's Homework: chapter 12
Women's Homework: chapter 14

April 30 - Communication
Men's Homework: chapter 16
Women's Homework: chapter 16

Specific Issues

June 4 - Conflict Resolution
Men's Homework: chapter 17
Women's Homework: chapter 17

June 11 - Anger
Men's Homework: chapter 18
Women's Homework: chapter 18

June 25 - Anxiety
Men's Homework: chapter 19
Women's Homework: chapter 19