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James 127

A ministry with wide-ranging applications of caring for widows and orphans

Pro-Life Resources

The need to fight for unborn life has never been greater. As a church committed to the reality that God creates all life, that all life is in his image, and that the Gospel is our ultimate solution, our church feels the urgency to act. Here are some practical ways you can get involved in the fight for life:

1. Pray | We should be begging God to end the daily murder that is legal in our country. We should ask him to judge wickedness while intervening for the helpless lives being killed.

2. Engage | Can you volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center? Give money to the Fresno Pregnancy Center? Go do sidewalk counseling with Scot Brandon on Fridays?

3. Speak Up | We are able to speak to our elected officials. Here is an example letter written to our senators to ask them to defund Planned Parenthood:  Letter To Our Leaders.

4. Articles to Read | Why I Was Not Pro-Life & Abolition Abortion Fresno


Adoption Resources

Adoption ought to be near and dear to our hearts because it is near and dear to the heart of God. Of all the analogies he could have used, he chooses adoption to describe how we go from being “sons of disobedience to sons of God.” Here are some practical ways you can get involved in adoption:

1. Pray: Join All God’s Children International (AGCI) community of prayer partners in praising God for his provision and lifting up the needs of orphans and vulnerable families: Click Here

2. Give: Give financially to orphan children or to families who are trying to adopt children.

3. Adopt: What better way to show and experience God’s love than by adopting a child of your own? If you are interested in adoption, find out more information here: Click Here


Caring for Widows

If you are interested in caring for the widows in our church or you know of widows in our community who are in need of care, please contact our church office: (559) 897-8788.