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Teach and Counsel One Another

There's no place like home. There's just something comforting and reassuring about one's own home, with its security and belonging and rest. In Colossians 3:15, Paul commands us to let the word of Christ have an extravagant home in our hearts. One sure indication that Christ's words are having their gracious and glorious way among us is that we will teach and counsel one another wisely. God expects all church members to be able to minister the Word to each other (Rom. 15:14). While God clearly puts the weight of public explanation on elders, He just as clearly expects all Christians to minister the Word to each other. That teaching and counseling must be done "in all wisdom," the wisdom that is from above and not from below. Paul immediately mentions a way for us to teach and admonish one another that also flows from being Word-filled-corporate singing. Our song service on Sunday mornings is not mindless entertainment or optional tradition. It is a God-ordained way for us to serve each other. Even as we sing to God, we are simultaneously teaching and challenging those around us (Eph. 5:19). Tragically, some Christians don't sing during worship through music. Some might claim lack of ability or lack of comfort, but refusing to sing is actually lack of obedience. We should all be teaching and encouraging each other with the Word, in our personal conversations and in our corporate singing. If the Word has a welcome home in your heart, it will naturally find a ready tongue in your mouth.


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