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Summer BBQ and Baptism

Summer BBQ and Baptism
by Pastor David

I’m eagerly anticipating our annual BBQ and Baptism, which is just about a month away now. Each year, it’s been such a delight to be together, eat some great food, and celebrate baptisms together. This is also a golden opportunity to serve our church family, and we certainly need your help! Below is a list of the service opportunities, so if you could look over the list and see where you’d like to serve I’d love to hear from you this week.

FoodCoordinate food and drinks for 300 people.Make plans for serving; decide on the fastest, most efficient way to serve food.Recruit and direct food providers.Manage budget.

HostProvide assistance to the facilities coordinator.BaptismProvide extra towels.Direct those who are baptized to a room where they can change clothes.

Provide guidance to all coordinators for anything concerning the site.

Games & ActivitiesPlan times and locations of all games/activities.Coordinate tournaments.Create and enforce rules.Coordinate equipment, nets, boundaries.Acquire all supplies for activities or games.

HospitalityCompile information to include in postcard mailer invitation.Coordinate shuttle and/or golf cart to transport older folks around grounds.Door prizes.SignageDecorations

ChildrenPlan all activities for children age 10 and under.Recruit supervisors for activities.

PoolPlan all pool activities.Coordinate lifeguard rotating schedule.Acquire all supplies for activities or games.

FacilitiesSetup/teardown.Table/chairsWork with host on lighting. (Will event conclude before dark?)Power/generatorParkingBathroomsCooling (port-a-coolers)Tents/umbrellas

SoundCoordinate transportation of sound equipment to site. Setup/teardownCreate ambient music playlist.Plan for enough speakers to cover a large outdoor venue (may need to rent additional speakers)Select a strategic central location.


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