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Spanish Ministry Couples Retreat Update

Spanish Ministry Couples Retreat Update
by Pastor Tom

Earlier this month, the Spanish ministry held a couples’ retreat in the mountains. The majority of those who attended were the men who have been involved in weekly Bible studies conducted in the local fields and farm shops. We met most of the wives for the first time at the retreat. It was the men who encouraged their wives to attend and made the effort to be a part of this. As we headed into the weekend, we did not know what to expect. This was a Christian marriage retreat attended mostly by unbelievers. How do you teach Christian principles to couples whose souls have yet to know Christ? It could be very frustrating to hear truths that can be applied only as the Holy Spirit provides the grace to do so.
The simple answer is to reveal Christ in every truth, relate every truth to the Gospel, and and to consider every moment as a Gospel opportunity. The temptation to hold forth good and happy marriages as the goal of the instruction was tempered by addressing the most important relationship of all: a personal relationship with Christ. So every session considered some aspect of marriage, but it also clearly revealed the Gospel truth of salvation by faith alone in Christ alone. The result was a sweet time of building relationships and provoking all to consider the call of Christ. All the couples have expressed a desire to know more of Christ and one of the couples made a profession of faith. They are now being personally discipled by me and Josie weekly. The changes that have already been made in their relationship and family are wholly glorifying to the grace of God!
We have been building relationships through Bible studies in various venues and through hospitality. The success of the retreat is part of that fruit. (There was a waiting list; our next retreat will be in January.) This past Sunday there were twenty-seven people in the Spanish Ministry! They all had either been at the retreat or were invited by someone who attended.
The work is steady and slow at this phase. We are doing the work of evangelism and teaching while building deep relationships. I am reminded of two things: the grave is never satisfied and the soul at rest in Christ is ever content and joyful. Please pray for the continued work of evangelism, a harvest of souls and the planting of the Spanish-speaking congregation.
“Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.” John 4:35


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