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Outdo One Another

Our American culture thrives on competition with addiction-like enthusiasm. Even today, the Lord's day, is better known by most as Super Bowl Sunday. The passion for competition is mostly a cleverly masked and arrogant passion for individual supremacy. It is a passion for others to recognize one human or a group of humans as superior to another human or group of humans. This is clearly a pride-initiated endeavor, the likes for which Christ died at the cross. Within the church, we are commended to compete, but never with our own recognition in mind. Paul commends us in Romans 12:10 to "outdo one another in showing honor." The Christian loves others genuinely by giving himself to honoring others. That is, placing another clearly ahead of one's one interest or recognition. You may wonder where such a practice can be observed for the sake of getting an idea of how this looks in real life. I commend you to the thinking of Christ which led Him to give His life for the salvation of sinful others. This is the backdrop of the Christian life of honoring others, a life where you and I humbly consider others more significant than ourselves (Phil. 2:3-8). May we be a church where the competition is the honoring of others, for then we will see a marked Christ-likeness in our spiritual family!


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