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Life Is War

Life Is War
by Jeremy McMorris

I’ve watched a couple of military-themed movies recently and have found my thoughts occasionally occupied with “war themes.” What would it be like to be a soldier? What would the training be like? What would combat be like? Could I hack something like the Navy Seals?
As I’ve thought about these things, my thoughts have also turned to being a soldier of Jesus Christ (2 Tim 2:3 & 4). Of course the first passage most of us think of is Eph 6:10-20, the “armor of God” passage.
This article isn’t meant to be a full exposition of that passage, but I would like to point out just a few truths about our Christian warfare that I’ve noticed in this passage.
Remember there is an enemy. Verse 12 describes the spiritual “powers” against which we fight. Unfortunately, I think most of us live in “vacation mode,” with no thought on a daily basis that there is a spiritual enemy that is seeking to destroy us and Christ’s kingdom. Just being aware that there might be a terrorist threat sends our homeland security into “red.” Well, we are told that there absolutely is an enemy out there. Just being aware of this truth can and should change the way we go about our lives.
Prepare to stand. Verse 13 says that we are to do everything necessary to stand. Soldiers don’t “wing it.” They prepare. They spend months or years training so that when they enter a conflict, they are ready to fight.
Stay alert. Verse 18 says that we are to keep alert, particularly in regard to prayer. We should be diligent about staying connected with our “Captain.” Prayer is how we do this. Wartime is not time for taking naps and checking Facebook. We must stay alert.
Preach the gospel. In verse 19 Paul gives the reason for all this military vigilance - there is a message of good news. Paul is giving his life to preach the gospel to non-believers and Christians alike. We must do the same. We must fight to share this good news with the unsaved, other believers, and ourselves. This news is good, because it tells us of the One who has already won the battles we face and will ultimately defeat the evil.
Life is war, so fight . . . by grace.


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