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Kidsfest 2014

Kidsfest 2014

by Pastor David

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner! Our summers bring us delicious fruit, time off from school, plenty of swimming opportunities, and more. But a rapidly growing summer favorite is our Summerfest. Both within our church family and without, Summerfest provided us with great chances to fellowship, play together, and enjoy solid teaching. This summer we are back with round 2, which includes our exciting Kidsfest! This summer we need your help.

Kidsfest begins when the adults gather for worship and then preaching. We would love to have another fantastic Kidsfest as we serve our parents and children through careful teaching and loads of fun. Our Kidsfest lessons will focus on God himself, mirroring the topics of the Summerfest speakers. While we are not doing a vacation Bible school, we would like to pour our efforts and energies into Kidsfest. And that’s where you come in.

1. We are looking for two craft leaders, so that one can serve for the first three weeks of Summerfest and then the second serve for the second three weeks. The craft leaders will help brainstorm for craft ideas, make purchasing lists, and then help the kids during the evening.

2. We are also looking for two game leaders who will split the six weeks. These leaders will come up with games, gather any needed supplies, and run the games that night.

3. We also need a snack leader. This person will decide on the snacks for each evening and then gather them from our church family.

4. The largest number of people we need will be class helpers. We’ll have three age divisions (3-4, 5-7, and 8-10), and we need two helpers for each group who will also serve for three weeks.

5. Finally, we need six helpers in our nursery for our 0-2 year olds. Babies and air conditioning await you!

Summerfest is a fantastic chance for us to enjoy fellowship and relax. But it’s also a chance to serve, and we need you for Kidsfest. If you are interested in serving, please contact Pastor David (david@graceofthevalley.org) or mark your interest on the bulletin tear off. Looking forward to a great summer!


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