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Every year at Grace Church we select a new group of deacons and deaconesses. While the elders ultimately decide, the entire church family nominates and then affirms the choices of the elders. We are beginning that nomination process now, and it will continue throughout November. Here’s some general information that might help you as you consider your nominations.

The New Testament lays out the biblical qualifications for deacons as follows: dignified, not double-tongued, not addicted to much wine, not greedy for dishonest gain, holding the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience, tested first, proven to be blameless, sober-minded, faithful in all things, managing their children and own households well. 

We define a deacon as a man or woman of proven character who cares for the church body through extensive service in practical ministry needs.” 

We are looking to recognize men and women who are already serving and have a proven track record of faithfulness. Every member of Grace Church should be serving; deacons, however, have oversight of others who are serving or else serve extensively. They give direction, instruction, motivation, and guidelines for other servants. A true deacon will gather and equip others to serve, even as he serves himself. His or her service will also free the elders from a practical need so they can focus on their primary role of prayer and teaching. Just as pastor means “shepherd", with all its feeding and leading implications, deacon means “servant”, with all its caring and ministering implications.

Click here to nominate a man or woman to be a deacon or deaconess.


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