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"That We May No Longer Be Children"

As we head into the fall, I’m thrilled with what God is giving us the opportunity to do in our student ministries. We will be “launching” leadership teams in Jr. High, Sr. High, and College/Career starting in September. Student Ministry is not an end in itself though, we have a goal or mission we are seeking to accomplish. As we minister to our young people, our desire is to take them from being children and bring them to maturity in the faith (Eph 4:11-16).There is nothing wrong with being a child, but many people stay childish long after they should have grown up, and many Christians stay children in the faith long after they should have been showing signs of maturity. Godly maturity lis someone who is God-loving, Word-filled, Ministry-minded, and Making-Disciples (Duet 6:1-9). Our desire is to engage in a student ministry that God would use to do a radical work of maturing in the lives of many teenagers. Our mission is to minister to our students and families in a way that would bring about God-loving, Word-filled, Ministry-minded, Disciplemakers.

Let’s take a look at each of these:

1. God-loving

Living in such a way that it is obvious to me and others that God is my greatest treasure.

Speaking in such a way that it is clear that Jesus is my treasure

.Using my time and money in a way that displays that Jesus is my treasure.

2. Word filled

Practicing the spiritual disciplines. (Specifially, Bible meditation & Prayer)

Able to bring the Word of God to bear on my life issues.

Able to articulate orthodox doctrine.

Able to refute false teaching.

3. Ministry Minded

Loving toward and supportive of the home and family God has placed me in.

Displaying love toward others - the way God has demonstrated love for me.

Reaching out to fellow students in my school, neighborhood, extra-curricular activities, etc.

Actively ministering in the local church.

4. Disciplemakers

Willing and able to invest in the next generation

Capable of taking the Word and leading others to a stronger relationship with Christ.

These are are the for basic goals we have for each of the students in our student ministry. Our prayer is that God would raise up a new generation within our church to take the cause of our King and His Kingdom forward!


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