Equipping Class Categories

Equipping Class Categories

Grace Church’s equipping classes are designed to cover topics within a major theme of Christian education. Members will gain a breadth and depth of biblical knowledge, as well as wisdom for faithful Christian living.

Books of the Bible

While all of our equipping classes teach the Bible, our Books of the Bible classes study verse by verse through specific Bible books. Come to these classes to grow your Bible knowledge while also getting practical life application.


Every Christian is a theologian, more simply known as a person who has ideas about God. Our theology classes can ground you in systematic, biblical, historical, and practical theology that will genuinely affect how you think and live.

Marriage & Family

Marriage matters to God and he has the best plans for happiness and joy in it. Marriage is also work, however, and it helps to be reminded about what God says about marriage. The same is true for parenting, so look for classes targeting specific marriage and parenting topics. You’ll enjoy the help of clear biblical teaching, as well as the fellowship of other people who are also sharing the joys and struggles of marriage or parenting.


We offer three foundational classes: Membership, Baptism, and Fundamentals of the Faith. These classes are specifically designed for new attenders at Grace Church or people who want to become members.

Christian Living

Christian living classes cover a wide range of practical topics. God’s Word is intended to be applied and lived out, and it speaks comprehensively to every area of our lives. Discipleship, counseling, and finances are just a few sample topics that Christian living classes focus on.

The Bible

Our classes on the Bible aim to equip you with the best reasons to trust your Bible and the best ways to read and understand it. You can be confident in your Bible the more you understand how we got it and why we can trust it. You can also grow in your ability to understand and apply it through these classes.



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