Biblical Counseling


Our biblical counseling ministry serves those who want to learn about biblical counseling as well as those who need biblical counseling. Biblical counseling trains the church to do the work of biblical counseling, while also offering biblical counseling to church members and our community. Biblical counseling exists because Christians are broken and need help, and because other Christians love them and know God’s Word is the solution.


We are committed to training people to serve the church through biblical counseling. If you are interested in training, sign up by clicking here

We are also offering an Equipping Class on Sundays at 9:00 am beginning October 13, 2019 on Counseling Tools and Methods. 


We would love to have more people equipped to counsel. If you love discipleship; are good at explaining the Bible; love other people; are good at analyzing, problem solving, and listening; or are courageous to speak the truth in love, we’d love to talk to you! You can email David Morris for more information.


Join us this Sunday

10:30 am