Equipping Classes

Winter & Spring 2018

Exposition of Acts | January 14–June 24

Teacher: Scott Bucher
Location: Board Room
Category: Exposition of a Biblical Book
Focus: This class will focus on equipping our church body through focused exposition of the book of Acts. This class will feature engaging and rich teaching with consistent pastoral application.

Systematic Theology, Part 3 | January 14–June 24

Teacher: Ken Harvey, John Paul Stepanian, and David Morris
Location: Library
Category: Systematic Theology
Focus: Studying God as he has revealed himself in his holy Scriptures. This season we are studying what the Bible says about the topics of man, sin, and Christ. Our goal is to trust, know, and obey God more by reading what he has revealed about himself in the Bible.

Fundamentals of the Faith | January 14–June 24

Teacher: Charlie Fernandez
Location: Library (career center)
Category: Spiritual Formation
Focus: This class will equip new believers with a rock-solid theological foundation while simultaneously helping more mature Christians sharpen their understanding of key doctrines. It will equip the church for evangelism and discipleship while fostering the only kind of unity that truly means anything in the church—unity based on a shared understanding of God’s truth.

Baptism Class | March 18–April 15

Teacher: Dom Avila
Location: Library
Category: Spiritual Formation
Focus: Explain the need, purpose, and process of baptism, culminating in a baptism service on April 29, 2018.

Membership Class | January 14–February 18 OR April 22–May 20

Teacher: Dom Avila
Location: Library
Category: Spiritual Formation
Focus: Explain the reasons for church membership at Grace, the process, and the heart of GCV for anyone considering joining Grace Church. This class is informal, personal, and designed to help you become a member at Grace Church.

Student Ministries | January 21–June 24

Teacher: Shay Thomason
Location: The Landing (1849 18th Ave, Kingsburg)
Category: Spiritual Formation
Book: This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years by Jaquelle Crowe
Focus: The student book study centers on junior-high and high-school students reading and discussing a practical, theological piece of Christian literature chosen by GCV staff. With an intentionally casual atmosphere, this class encourages students to voice their thoughts and questions in a free-flowing manner. 

Children’s Sunday School

Sunday school classes are available for children of all ages. See the Children’s Sunday School page for details. 



Equipping the Saints

Our equipping classes are an essential element in helping us fulfill our mission statement. They provide training for our church family to be more competent, committed, and contagious disciples of Jesus Christ. Here are three reasons why we believe every disciple of Christ should invest in an equipping class here at Grace.

Know God

The Lord has revealed himself and his eternal plan of redemption in a book, and his desire is that we know and love him with our whole being (Matthew 22:37). We are all called to grow in the knowledge of God as a means of growth in godliness (1 Corinthians 14:20). Throughout the New Testament we learn that it is the responsibility of every Christian to grow in our thinking about God. As we increase our knowledge of God—his attributes and his works—our faith also increases, allowing us to become more conformed to His likeness.

Apply Truth

Christ-exalting preaching is absolutely essential to the life and health of the church, but it is not the only ministry of the Word. Preaching exalts, proclaims, and celebrates the glory, majesty, and beauty of God in the Gospel. But it is mainly addressed to the entire congregation without any discussion. Equipping classes provide both monologue and dialogue. They provide detailed training and interaction, with focused time and attention on specific topics (parenting, finances, evangelism, systematic theology, biblical interpretation, etc.) The concentrated nature of the equipping class is designed to teach you to apply the Gospel to every facet of life.

Help Others

Equipping classes should encourage further discipleship. They allow the elders and other gifted teachers the opportunity to exercise a vital, life-giving ministry while training others to use their gifts to build and serve the church. As you learn and grow, you will be equipped with knowledge and experience that you can then invest in others.




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